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Y Suh. 2018. Triumph of a bird brain. Science Outside

Y Suh. 2016. What checking wood duck boxes does for a kid from the city. California Waterfowl Spring: 32-34.


Children’s book

During my time at the Kalahari Meerkat Project, we learned that many rural South African communities were illegally poaching and keeping wildlife as pets. My colleagues and I decided to write a children’s book to promote anti-poaching and wildlife conservation. We all came up with the storyline while Sam Lostrom and I did the illustrations. We managed to get a publisher for the book and published it in February of 2019 with Sub-Saharan Publishers. We wrote the book in Afrikaans and Sestwana, in addition to English, and donated over 500 books to local schools and farms throughout northwester South Africa. This was a collaborative project that I was truly excited to be a part of.

Where is Naledi?: The children's book we wrote and drew.

Specimen prep

Specimen preparation is the perfect combination for my love of art and science. I learned how to prepare avian specimens by taking Techniques of Avian Specimen Preparation with Dr. Vanya Rohwer and fell in love with the art of it ever since.


I like to design my own and other logos. I am by no means an expert but I like thinking about colors and composition.

Logo for the Florida scrub-jay tracking project.

A t-shirt design I did for the UC Davis Wood Duck Project.